Since my move from Movable Type to WordPress in early 2006, I’ve written (and re-written!) quite a few plugins — many of which are proprietary or for private use. However, I decided to release a few universally useful plugins into the wild. While I initially wrote them all for my own use, many other bloggers have found them just as useful in their own installations.

WordPress Plugins

  • Devowelizer  — A visual profanity filter. Devowelizer replaces the vowels (and a few consonants) in most potentially offensive or NSFW language within your own content and within comments left by visitors. Examples: bøøbs, pørn, and årsë.
  • Google Tags — A content-based SEO tool. Google-specific tags are added around your pages, posts, and comments so that Google has a better understanding of what sections of your page layout are most important. These tags help Google Adsense make better decisions about what ads to display by choosing ads more relevant to your content.
  • Remove Nofollow — Removes the “nofollow” attribute value from all links left within comments and optionally from links on the comment author’s names. Best for highly moderated blogs with little to no comment spam.