Spam, Spam, Spam

I’ve recently received several unsolicited emails from a company advertising their domain name registration service that included the following disclaimer at the bottom of each email:

“We strongly oppose the continued sending of unsolicited email and do not want to send email to anyone who does not wish to receive our special mailings. This is not SPAM.”

Do companies really think that people will be fooled by this? “Oh, we are a righteous, honest company that would never, ever send you spam and to prove it, we’re spamming you!” Come on, now! As they say, a rose by any other name is still a gøddåmn rose! The content of spam is and has always been irrelevant; if it’s sent unsolicited and in bulk, it is spam — even if the sender claims it’s not spam.

Perhaps someone equally (un)scrupulous should set up an attack on said company’s web servers with the message “We strongly oppose Denial-Of-Service attacks, and do not want to attack anyone who does not wish to be a victim of our attacks. This is not a DoS attack.”

Do you think the spammers would buy that?

I really hate spammers…

Author’s Note

While this pure rant doesn’t really belong on the revamped, pruned, overhauled Richard’s Ramblings, there is a small degree of nostalgia associated with the first-ever entry. One small nugget of spam, one giant leap into blogdom.

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