‘Tis The Night Before Christmas

Photo © Richard D. LeCour

‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through the world
Families enjoy the sight of tinsel unfurled;
Pretty lights on trees; warm fires that are cozy;
The cold winter breeze making cheeks that are rosy.

I’ve spent hours this week in traffic and the mall,
The bustle and crowds, I get sick of it all.
I asked my teen daughter her favorite part,
“Of Christmas?”, she said. “Those dear to my heart!”

I expected her to say that it was presents received.
The truth is something I’d’ve never believed.
With kids these days saying “I want…” and “I need…”,
I expected an answer that reflected more greed.

Oh sure, there’s requests for xBox, and Playstation,
And plane tickets for a European vacation,
But the number one request on her Christmas list
Brought my and my wife’s eyes to a fine mist.

She makes loads of mistakes year in and year out;
Of the question of her listening I no longer have doubt.
Some of what we’ve said appears to have stuck,
By fortune or chance or even good luck.

In her own teenage words, she likes family the best.
In second, the presents, the food and the rest.
So if kids push you to the end of your rope,
Merry Christmas to all! The New Year brings hope!

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