Stop WinXP from Caching Thumbnails

The Problem

It seems that I am forever deleting those THUMBS.DB files that Windows XP creates automatically, whether I want the file created or not. I delete the file, look in the directory some time later, and — POW! — there it is again! If you’re like me, you’re probably mumbling to yourself, “I never want to see another one of thsose dåmn THUMBS.DB files again!”

The Solution

Well, the solution is surprisingly simple, but not completely intuitive. In your My Document folder or Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), click the Tools menu, then choose Folder Options. Click the View tab and, under the Advanced Settings, put a checkmark in the box that reads “Do not cache thumbnails”. Click the OK button.

It’s really that easy!

3 Responses to “Stop WinXP from Caching Thumbnails”

  1. Scott

    wanted to say thanks for the help nobody knew what i was talkin about. Thank god for the ramblin man (about thumbs.db)

  2. Kon

    hey man… i don’t have the “THUMBS.DB” file .. but that dåmnëd win xp’s explorer still “reads” my video files… i just hate that!!!

    any ideas how may i stop it…?

    • Richard

      Try going to View -> Choose Details and deselect Dimensions. Windows should stop trying to read the AVI file to read its dimensions.


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