Degree Confluence 42N 71W

I can’t believe that I forgot to log my successful degree confluence visit when I nabbed it way back last November!

This was a difficult confluence for me to nab; not only am I completely unfamiliar with the area so I got a bit lost wandering around the windy neighborhood streets, but as noted by the previous visitors the confluence is smack in the middle of a residential lot. I tried to be as subtle as possible while getting as near as possible to the actual confluence, but I had to settle for close enough. The owner was home and I think he was a bit suspicious of my minivan parked directly outside his house at 1:15 in the afternoon. As I quickly snapped off a few photos of the area, he started heading out of his open garage, probably to check me out. I had time to grab one picture of my GPS (which fortunately came out OK) and left Milebrook Road for good! Aren’t rental cars a blessing?! This was my only successful degree confluence visit in Massachusetts, as I failed to get within six miles of the other which is located just off the coast of Cape Cod. Even if I’d had time to get that one, I didn’t have a boat handy!

2 Responses to “Degree Confluence 42N 71W”

  1. Gordon Spence

    As a confluencer with 47 visits under my belt, I fail to understand why you simply didn’t approach the homeowener, explain what you were doing ans ASK PERMISSION. You know, it is nearly always forthcoming…

  2. richard

    I suppose it’s because I’m so used to geocaching where part of the point is secrecy. Perhaps next time I’ll approach confluencing differently. Thanks for the heads up.


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