You Know You’re Too Much Into Harry Potter When…

  • You wave your pen around and repeat “wingardium leviOHsa” to various inanimate objects
  • You talk in low hisses to snakes
  • You want to buy a train and name it the Hogwarts Express
  • You glue a compass to the dashboard of your car and try to get the car to fly
  • You try to make polyjuice potion
  • You get a diary and never write in it
  • You believe that you know more about Harry Potter than J.K. Rowling does
  • You see a murderer holding a knife in a movie and you shout out “Expelliarmus!”
  • You try to make your chess pieces move and talk
  • You draw a lightning scar on your forehead
  • You start sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs
  • You are absolutely certain that your letter from Hogwarts is lost in the mail and that it will arrive any day now
  • You travel into forests looking for injured unicorns
  • You wish ESPN would show Quidditch
  • You wish your dog would grow 2 more heads
  • You had to go to the hospital after breaking your nose running headfirst into the wall between platforms nine and ten
  • You name your first child Harry or Hermione
  • On Halloween you give little trick or treaters dressed up as Harry Potter characters more candy than the other ones
  • You look at the local community college’s curriculum for courses on Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • You buy a rat, name him Peter, and put a sign on the cage that reads “Azkaban”
  • You own a white owl
  • You always write out Harry Potter instead of just HP
  • HP doesn’t mean just Hewlett-Packard anymore
  • You check daily to see if Moaning Myrtle has moved into your toilet
  • You commission signmakers in England to create a Platform 9 3/4 sign for your wall (*ahem*)
  • You add Hogwarts and Quidditch to your spell checker
  • You create a list like this…

6 Responses to “You Know You’re Too Much Into Harry Potter When…”

  1. dPrisoner

    Or you could spend the money to import the UK editions of the first book and the first DVD because it’s the “Philosopher’s Stone” and not the “Sorcerer’s Stone.” But I did like the “HP doesn’t mean just Hewlett-Packard anymore” line. That one could have caused a spit-take or drink up the nose – if I had been drinking at the time…

  2. the14milo

    Ohh man that is awesome!! I am laughing SO hard right now! I loved the LOTR thing, too, but Harry Potter is just that much better! Also, you could add that they erected a shrine in their house dedicated to the books and movies *cough* me *cough*

  3. Richard Broman

    Just adding one to the list: You actually bother reading a long list like this one, and keep nodding your head in recognition.

  4. richard

    I actually caught myself saying “Lumos!” the other day when turning on my living room lights with my handheld remote control…

  5. stacey

    Or you are watching “Transformers” and when the plot-important glasses are broken, you whisper to your friend “Oculus Reparo!”…then crack up when you realize they have just leaned over to say the same to you. :^)


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