A Typical WoW Conversation

[Party] [Mage] We’ve been looking for a 5th for UD strat for 2 hrs.
[Party] [Paladin] Looks like it’s not gonna happen…
[4. Looking For Group] [Hunter] 60 Hunter LFG UD Strat!
[Party] [Warrior] What about that rogue? What was his name – Xingxiao?
[Party] [Mage] He’s a farmer who /needs everything. Plus he doesn’t know how to sap
[Party] [Paladin] I can live without sap
[Party] [Priest] Nah he’s doing UBRS
[4. Looking For Group] [Hunter] 60 Hunter LFG UD Strat!!
[Party] [Warrior] Dammit! I can’t believe nobody wants to do strat
[Party] [Priest] What about a 54 lock? Too low?
[Party] [Paladin] Seriously guys, if we don’t find somebody soon I’m gonna go BG
[4. Looking For Group] [Hunter] 60 Hunter LFG UD Strat!!!!!
[Party] [Warrior] Gah! I was trying to invite the warlock and I accidentally invited that hunter
[Party] [Mage] WTF????
[Party] [Warrior] Was a MT… gøddåmn hunter’s been spamming me all night.
[Party] [Priest] OMFG – nice job, genius!!
Hunter has joined your party.
[Party] [Hunter] Sweet! Let’s do strat!
[Party] [Priest] Welcome!

If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, you’ll understand.

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