Warcraft Video: Another Girl

I recently quit playing World of Warcraft.

I’m having minor withdrawals, and I’m in a quandary about whether to resume playing World of Warcraft, switch from World of Warcraft to Vanguard, or just to give up the incessant addiction of MMORPG games altogether. If I don’t keep playing WoW, I’ll miss the girls I’ve spent two years of my life creating — they have distinct personalities and traits, and I already miss them the few short weeks it’s been since I gave up playing cold turkey.

To ease the withdrawals, I’ve decided to create a tribute of sorts — a few hand-crafted videos to remember them by if I do decide to permanently stop playing. This is my first WoW machinima video, the soundtrack courtesy of The Beatles, without permission.

My favorite part of this video is the transition from 1:16-1:22 (Aragwyn morphing into Stranded).


Production Notes

  • I created this video very unusually. On the last day or two before my account was to expire, I captured about 20-30 minutes of random dance video without any real idea in mind as what to do with them. I didn’t even come up with the idea of making a music video until weeks after I let the account expire. There were no video scenes specifically captured for the making of WoW Another Girl — and it clearly shows. While it’s not the best video out there, I don’t think it’s that bad considering it was created essentially with stock footage.
  • Little known, unimportant trivia: A few months before I quit playing WoW, Blizzard gave everyone on our server (Hyjal) the option to move to a less-populated realm. My friend Equinox and I figuratively jumped to the new realm Azuremyst — which was the beginning of the end because we were unable to find a guild not led by morons, so gameplay became futile and boring. The warrior girl Stranded was created in order to keep ties open with Hyjal; she was “stranded” on Hyjal while the rest of the crew had jumped to Azuremyst. Thus, her name.
  • Stranded’s mission was to remain unnoticed among the crowded population while she took advantage of certain exploits in order to get some final, unusual footage (such as running around underneath Stormwind starting at 1:43).

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  1. richard

    Thanks! The placement of the two similar scenes was accidental at first but, when I noticed them, I edited them frame by frame to be as seamless as possible, then added a color blend so it would sort of morph together. I liked it, too!


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