Lizard Lick Towing Has Been Licked

When TruTV first introduced Lizard Lick Towing in its pseudo-reality-show All Worked Up, the Lizard Lick segments were the most entertaining, least idiotic (at the time), and had the most likable characters.

Once the popularity of the repossession service reached critical mass, a spin-off show titled as the repo company’s name was created by TruTV, starring the same charismatic and oddly lovable characters, mainly Ron Shirley and his wife Amy. However, each season the show gets worse — the repos getting sillier, the vehicle’s owners getting dumber and more violent, and the situations drummed up by the show’s writers getting more inane each week.

Caught up in the “reality” of the show and refuse to believe the show is scripted? You are not alone. Like the unexplainable phenomena that is wrestling, most ardent viewers appear to believe the self-proclaimed reality show is just that — reality. Yet the only thing real about the show is that Ron and Amy Shirley do own the repo company (with a Wendell, NC address) which Ron built up over 20 years. Bobby, Ron’s long-time friend on the show, has only been onboard for three years; his joining the company a result of needing to pay off his own vehicle repossessed by Lizard Lick.

“man I was so sd to see the last show and was like no Ron would not do that to us and Im glad I was right thanks Ron for keeping it real” — a blog comment written by fan “Glen Dix”, his misspellings and lack of punctuation left intact.

The town of Lizard Lick, North Carolina isn’t even a real town. It’s an unincorporated community about 20 miles from the state capital. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Lizard Lick almost died the way a lot of small towns die. Its connection to the outside world, U.S. Hwy. 64, was replaced by a more modern bypass, cutting the crossroad-community’s steady traffic flow to an irregular trickle.”

While not a state-recognized municipality, the area has had a self-proclaimed mayor since 1975. Charles Wood won the “election” in a landslide victory, garnering 1,500 of the town’s resident’s 40 votes, a result of the creative democratic process that allowed anyone who lived in or simply passed through the town to vote for their favorite candidate. Ron’s mayoral bid and subsequent loss to Sam Davis in the show is in a similar vein of hooey.

We still watch the show when there’s nothing left on the DVR, but Lizard Lick is less a program about three Southern comrades running a questionably reputable repo business and increasingly more like three C-list actors putting on a show about a redneck repo business gone wild — with the occasional Hallelujah thrown in for good measure, blanketed by myriad backwater expressions you’ve never before heard:

  • “It’s hotter than two hamsters farting in a wool sock.”
  • “He’s as slick as a three-legged dog trying to cover crap on an ice-covered pond.”
  • “She could suck the feathers off a duck with that mouth.”
  • “You’re as useless as an ashtray on a motorcycle.”
  • “I’d rather be chewing the bûtthølë off a skunk.”
  • “He’s slower than Stephen Hawking in a blizzard.”

Screen Credits

Further proof of the scripted nature of the show, several of the secondary characters are now unmasked:

  • Mayor Sam Davis is played by Jeff Kidd who omits the show from his primary SAG resume but adds it to his non-union resume.
  • The jeweler who accused Bobby of stealing was played by Christy Pierce; she appears to have only one resume.
  • While unimportant to the plot, Leah Alexandra Caruana lists her role as a bystander on Lizard Lick on her resume. As does Ethan Williford for his role as an extra.
  • Other non-union extras include Nick Burroughs, Camile Lesage, Chelsea Reeves, and Joseph Cox — all listed on (login or good Google skills required).
  • Actor/entertainer Patrick Moize lists Lizard Lick Towing on his Linked-In profile.

58 Responses to “Lizard Lick Towing Has Been Licked”

  1. Destini

    You seriously believe that the entire show is made up? I believe that it’s lizard lick towing’s reality edited enormously to make it more interesting.

  2. Sabrina Baker

    Lizard Lick Towing Is A Good Show! If it Goes Off Me And My Whole Family Will Be Upset! We All Love Watching Lizard Lick Towing! Lizard Lick Towing Is A Good Show I Like Everyone On The Show! I Think Repo Is Cute <3 :)

    Contact Me At : SBLizardLickXOX@FanPageVista

  3. Carl

    I am a believer because I have been to lizard lick towing to pick up cars. I am a truck driver and I have been to lizard lick just outside of Raleigh, NC. I am happy you have your opinion. But as with all opinions and åsshølës. Everyone has one and they all stink. So to tell you, you’re wrong. But as you said you going to believe what you believe. Have a great day

  4. Mia

    Just because Lizard Lick is an unincorporated community means nothing. There are real people living there, an agricultural community that provides for its people as well as surrounding communities. You may not have heard any of the the “backwater expressions” as you call them, but those of us who do live in North Carolina hear them all the time.
    Of course portions of the show are scripted for entertainment value and quite well it seems as the show is extremely popular.
    You have basically put these hard working people of this small community down, as well as other communities that are the same because you consider them “redneck”. It’s offensive and although I am not a native North Carolinian, I love where I live (which incidentally is also a “unincorporated farming community” an hour and a half north of Wendell) and the people in this state are some of the kindest, most generous people I have ever known. How we may or may not elect an official in these small communities is up the the individual community for reasons that work for its own people. It’s really none of your business.
    As far as why or how long Bobby is a member of the staff and show is no one’s business. The fact that the Shirley’s may have allowed him to work off his debt shows their character and the fact that you chose to expose something that may have been a private matter between them shows yours. If you don’t like the show, do not watch it. If you don’t like how people in NC talk, too bad…they won’t change to make the world happy. To country folks, it is normal.
    You must have been seriously lacking material that you actually need to attack not only the show but the community as well. It’s a pity because rather than bash a community of people, of which the characters of the show (some real, some not but based on the essence of the community) maybe you should come here and see for yourself how hardworking, proud and kind these people are.
    Most of this state is very religious. We are in “The Bible Belt”. So to say that they “throw in a Hallelujah for good measure” is a blatant insult. You can be rest assured Richard, that, especially in these small towns and communities, 90% of the folks are in Church.
    One more thing to clarify. The reason the town and show are in the public eye in the first place is not because of TruTv’s reality show “All worked up”. In fact, in the late 90’s the town was one of 2 towns chosen by the creators of Nintendo’s Mario character “Yoshi”. Because of this, it caught the eye of the producers of TruTv and originally was only to be a one time “ride along” until the cameramen witnessed actual incidents from repossessions.
    Again, if you don’t know or like the way small towns and communities live, talk and do things….stay in your own world. We are happy just the way we are and won’t change for the likes of you and if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. Fill up that DVR of yours so you will not be subjected to entertainment that is “beneath” you.

  5. Redneck

    Lizard lick nc is a town dûmbåss!!!! Why don’t you come down and see for yourself !!!! And lizard lick towing and recovery is a real business !!!! Pass by it everyday !!!! I’m sure some things are an act but you don’t know what the hëll you’re talking about

    • Matthewteale

      your dumber than spongebob and patrick smoking a crackpipe lizard lick towing is not a town its a real buisness dummy

  6. Sean M

    Anyone with any common since can realize the show is completely fake and scripted and is just for entertainment only. Is.t it funny that there just happened to be two camera men and a producer in Bobby’s home while he is just laying on the couch and a camera man in the kitchen with his girlfriend as she is talking on the phone with someone and she yells “What do you want me to do? Rob A Bank?” and then goes back in the living room with bobby and the camera man and as he asked her what and who she is talking to, she says it’s nothing, I have it under control. So they just must always happen to have multiple camera men with all of them at all times right. You know, just in case something happens.
    Just like when Ron was fueling his his truck with the wife and just happens to see Bobby’s girl with a guy AGAIN!!! Come on, Your a dumber than the characters who play customers on Hard Core Pawn if you think these shows are real!

    • Hollie

      So how do you explain the wreck bobby was in that wasn’t faked so before you start saying that he show is a fake get to know them first before you make a judgement call on whether the show is a fake or not.

      • Byron

        I for one can tell you the show is fake. How you ask? I was on it. The 80s party episode with Bobby’s pics on the limo. I was the real DJ for it
        Krazy Dave didn’t spin one second of a song. All the dance scenes were done with no music since they didnt have it in the budget to pay royalties. One of the ladies who dissed Bobby was the hotel manager. Her husbands scene was cut. Juicy was “drunk” and spulled a drink on him. They did that scene 3 times. NO alcohol in the building whatsoever.

  7. jon lewis

    I love this show when it was on All Worked Up , and I’m originally from NC. To the people getting upset about this article calling out the show not being real and trying to make the reasoning behind it because it IS an actual business and its in NC, that makes no difference. Just like hardcore pawn , its fake. Bobby is even married in real life idiots. If they would have stuck to repos and left the soap opera scripts, this show would still be good but now it has become all about lies and nothing about repos.

  8. Joe

    Most “Reality TV” is fake, orchestrated and/or manipulated. The point of any television show is to be entertaining. Lizard Lick Towing is just that. So, take some of your meds and relax, enjoy it or watch something else that will give you some enjoyment, if possible.

  9. crim E.6

    Love the show and think its just edited n parts put in as some of the real things that happen need to be due to circumstances – p.s Amy is sexy as fûçk if it wasn’t a good show I’d still watch it just to see her 😉 (y) !!!!!

  10. Paul Thompson

    We’ve just had lizard lick on UK TV for area months and I think it is great entertainment, sure some of it is probably scripted and actors are used but I like to think that these are dramatizations of real repository that they have done. Ok the fighting is dodgy but when I watch I just suspend my belief and imagine its real just like you do with normal TV. Basically i think that lizard lick is a really funny show

  11. Brian Greene

    I’m a repo agent and things can get really hairy out there , people are crazy these days , not everything is fake

  12. Scott

    Let’s see, if someone burned down a barn trying to kill the people inside, don’t you think we would hear about it on the local news. I can’t believe there are people out there that actually think what goes on this TV show is actually what happens in these people’s lives. Yes the business is real and Lizard Lick is a real place, and the TV show is a real TV show but what goes on on the TV show is not real. t is entertainment and anyone who thinks what happens is real neds to get a real life. By the way, a drive through the crossroads that are Lizard Lick wil reveal that there are no municipal buildings and no downtown like portrayed on the show. The buildings shwon on the show are in downtown Wendell.

      • key

        Why criticise someone for their spelling wen they are to make a serious point? You just sound petty.

        • BecauseThereIsNoExcuse

          Derp, don’t you mean
          “Why criticize”
          “when they”
          “they are trying” ???

          Absence of vocabulary and intelligibility always negate any wisdom that you think you have. Next Contestant. By the way, it’s not petty when the rest of civilization is trying to understand your grunts and mumbles.

  13. Buck

    Bobby used to drive dump trucks for a local company in Wendell. All around a good guy. As to the show being scripted, another guy I know was allegedly never paid his $50 for his appearances in the “wife beater” tee shirt episode. Not to mention the facts that 1) Down here, we usually dont miss with a gun, 2) You go to jail for shooting at people, and 3) You go to jail for assault and/or property damage. The only redeeming quality in the show is that it leaves a lot of people with the incorrect impression that NC is filled with dolts.

  14. tommy lee from tennessee

    my wife and i really enjoy the shows very much.we watch it when ever we can get it.
    someday we would like to visit lizard lick. they offer good showmanship and it is very
    entertaining -never a dull moment.

  15. Lindsey

    I love lizard lick, real or fake, who gives a f@#k??? P. S. I love you bobby!!!

  16. Jonah

    Lizard lick is a real town! The town wasnt originally named that it was named wendal. The people of lizard lick (wendal) have no preferance to what you call the town. If bobby is a staged actor then i beleive in my own opinion, of which im entitled to, that he does a great job. The show may be edited or sometimes staged but arent most tv shows that way. Even if not all of it is truly reality i enjoy it the way it is. And judging by the number of people who are pro lizard lick commenting allot of people agree with me.

  17. Angie

    I absolutely love Lizard Lick. It has become a ritual for my nephew and I to watch it pretty much every time it is on. So thank you Ron,Amy, Bobby, Juicy,Crazy Dave and all of you who participate on this good,clean show. I especially like the Bible quotes on Ron’s shirts and the board.I hope that Lizard Lick Towing stays on TV for a very long time and so does my nephew Trevor!!! lol! I hope there is a viewer appreciation get-together of some sort in the near future because I would drive from TN just for my sweet little nephew to get some autographs.He defends the reality of the show with extreme devotion.God bless you guys. Angie L.

  18. Ted Barlow

    Lizard Lick Towing is very popular in the UK and beats hands down many crappy shows we have of our own such as East Enders which many dumb Brits believe to be real even though it’s just a stupid soap full of awful ‘has-been’ actors trying to speak, shout and tongue lash each other in a fake East End Cockney rhyme ‘slime’ London accent (Init, know what I mean!!)
    Lizard Lick Towing is fabulously entertaining and no doubt real albeit some parts may be scripted and re-enacted, but I would say it would have to be to make the show.
    Long live all at Lizard Lick Towing and the community of people who live there.

    • Debora

      We have watched the show from the beginning until the end. Wish it would come back on fake or not. Our grandchildren love the show as well. Its a clean show with no cursing, gory, or scary stuff.

      • JOhn

        No Gore or Scary Stuff…There is a fight in every episode, People getting shot at, Car crashes, People getting stabbed, Women getting punched. You are off your rocker old lady

  19. Adrian storey

    I have been watching this show here in the UK for the last few years and yes we all know it’s scripted, the fights are staged and the blood isn’t real oh and in most instances some of the cops aren’t either (blue strobes but no markings!) but it’s good entertainment and I love it, so let’s take it all with a pinch of salt and enjoy it. We have a scripted reality show in the UK called ‘this is Essex’, let’s hope the yanks don’t get this one as its terrible!

  20. Adam Peachey

    Id just like to say that some has been re,enacted to make us the viewer more entertained.&i love it.keep it up guys .big add

  21. Nancy

    I really miss all the guys on Lizard Lick Towing. My husband and I look forward to watching it every week and have been drawn into the lives of the characters. They feel like a part of the family and their story lines seem real and very down to earth and like real people. Shame on whoever decides not to keep it on TRU TV.

  22. Evans

    Miss the lizard lick on tru-tv, tru-tv is not the same since they took off the repo shows, most reality show are partly not true, so who care, it was funny and make you laugh, love all the people on the show. Hope it come back on


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